As an artist, I am drawn to the joy and celebration that surrounds weddings. Having grown up in the Mea Shearim neighborhood, I was fortunate enough to attend many Hasidic weddings and draw inspiration from them.

In my wedding paintings, I strive to capture the essence of the celebration and the emotions that accompany it. The bride, dressed in white, resembles an angel and exudes a radiant light that symbolizes the purity and sanctity of the occasion. The canopy above her, meanwhile, seems to float effortlessly, as if reaching up to the sky in search of blessings and positive energy.

The guests in my paintings are depicted as a colorful and diverse crowd, their shapes blending together to create a happy, harmonious atmosphere that serves as a joyful backdrop for the bride and groom. Together, all of these elements come together to create a vivid and exciting portrait of a new beginning, a celebration of love and happiness that transcends time and place.

Original Art, Mixed Media, Flexiglass Prints and Fine Art Prints Available.

All Paintings are numbered and signed by the artist.

879 - , 120X120 cm, Oil on canvas

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