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Selling original paintings.

Special orders can be made according to the customer’s request.

All paintings on this website and on the catalog can be printed on canvas, Plexiglass, and aluminum.

Jerusalem & Sacred Places

The intertwining city of culture, art and religion, where the free splashes of color, bold brilliance, or the soft strokes of the brush, establish a foundation to a spiritual yet artistic experience to all walks of life, while igniting emotions and contributing to a sense of belonging to Jerusalem – the earthly and the spiritual.

Hassidim & Weddings

I love painting Hasidim. They captivate the peak of ultra-Orthodox society . There are many ways to worship God, and everyone has his or her own way of doing so . The white background absorbs all hues and shades and so does the Creator – he embraces all creatures. Some may view the painting as colorful figures draped in gowns, while others may see them as holy and lustrous images -hues and shades of spirituality.


What shocks the eye if not the unseen” Abstract paintings are created spontaneously. By means of color, life is created, that leaves room for the viewer’s imagination.

The Gallery is open by appointment. For details please contact: +972-50-7228606

הגלריה פתוחה בתאום מראש . לפרטים ניתן ליצור קשר

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