As an artist who specializes in Jewish art, I often incorporate holy places into my paintings. However, I have chosen to present a separate category of works that go beyond mere depictions of these sites.

The paintings featured in this category capture the essence of the Temple and Jerusalem, with their joyful celebrations depicted through the playing of music by priests and mourners. Similarly, my painting of Rachel’s tomb portrays the mystical and spiritual elements of this holy site, using vibrant colors to symbolize both the long exile and the eventual redemption.

Each painting is a reflection of my personal experience as an artist, as I strive to convey the deep feelings, emotions, and sacredness that are inherent in these holy places.

Original Art, Mixed Media, Flexiglass Prints and Fine Art Prints Available.

All Paintings are numbered and signed by the artist.

933, Beit Hashoeva, 120X67 cm, Oil on Canvas

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הגלריה פתוחה בתאום מראש . לפרטים ניתן ליצור קשר

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