Reb Shaye from Carrestir

To draw a figure of a righteous person is abig responsibility. As an artist, I don’t often accept requests to draw portraits of righteous individuals, but I recently agreed to create a portrait of Rabbi Isaiah of Kerstir for a special customer. Rabbi Isaiah, also known as Reb Shaya ben Reb Moshe, is renowned for his reputation as a miracle worker.

Through the use of colors and atmosphere, I sought to capture the essence of the rabbi’s character and the miracles he performed. The portrait depicts Rabbi Isaiah with the weight of the world resting on his shoulders, yet his gaze is simple and penetrating, reflecting his unwavering commitment to working for the salvation of others.

In Jewish tradition, it is customary to hang portraits of tzaddikim as a means of attracting success, protection, and blessings. I am pleased to offer prints of this portrait and others like it for those who seek to honor the memory of righteous individuals and draw strength and inspiration from their example.

Original Art, Mixed Media, Flexiglass Prints and Fine Art Prints Available.

All Paintings are numbered and signed by the artist.

912 - Reb Shaye from Carrestir , 120X100 cm, Mixed media on Fabric
909 - Reb Shaye from Carrestir, 120X100 cm, Oil on Fabric

The Gallery is open by appointment. For details please contact: +972-50-7228606

הגלריה פתוחה בתאום מראש . לפרטים ניתן ליצור קשר

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